Thursday, May 20, 2004

"And we're off!"

I need some sort of inspiration for the summer, so that I can go to work on some sort of intelligent work of short fiction, just for fun.
I'm thinking the reason that no one's there for me when I'm down and that not many will stick up for me when I'm in the right but no one else will believe me is because that I don't have that many strong bonds with the friends I do have. I wish they would be stronger, but I don't really know how to go about making them so, especially with graduation looming around the corner. I'm at this crossroads; I can't accent that enough. There's nowhere I can go, and all I want to do is move. I need something to happen. Above all, and quite paradoxially, I need to maintain that innocence that we all once possessed, but are losing faster than the last bits of what is left that we can scrounge up. It's all some sort of odd cycle that I've been turning around in forever and want nothing more than to lose sight of.
The world lives for the weekend
And I watch as my weeks bleed right into them...

- Dashboard Confessional

I've been thinking so much about the future lately that I've lost sight of the here and now. I should really cherish what I have now and make some memories before heading off to make a jackpot of them.
Stay up and make some memories with us now.
Roll the red carpet out with friends
To whom, to love and roll on.
Our love is so right.
I won't waste a minute here tonight...

- Dave Matthews Band

Work tonight at 5:00. I'm hoping I'll only be there for about 4 hours. Tomorrow I work at 4:00, probably until closing at 10:00. Saturday I'm "on call" -- free night for me. Next week we're closed for Memorial Day Weekend. Basically my next 3 Saturdays are free.
Two weeks until prom.
My favorite Dawson's Creek episode (the one in the 2nd season where they all jump into the pool after studying for exams) was on today. I taped it.
No new Strong Bad E-mail this week. *Disappointment.*
I wonder what'll happen this Saturday...first it's off to "Kyle's Krazy Kookout" at Brookwood, then to the UW concert in Little Falls...hard to believe I was once a part of that band, albeit under another name. I need a band to be a part of, whether as singer, keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, or a combination of instrumentalist/vocalist. In any case, I want to write/record/perform songs, and I don't want to do it alone. Alone is never a good position to be in...
It's been an interesting week so far -- a new "rendezvous" might be in sight, if I play what cards I've been given correctly.


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