Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Assume the crash position...

I was named a "free spirit" this morning in homeroom. I just can't stay still. I have to move. I've been thinking a lot about this lately, especially in terms of college. SU is so big (at least 10,000 undergrads) that it'll be impossible to meet everyone in even one year. That means I'll be meeting new people all the time, something I live for. Brant taught me all about meeting new people and enjoying stuff like that...those old free spirits. It's too bad things had to change so much while I was overseas.
After becoming enlightened to the many possibilities of college and the freedom that awaits me in only two months, I unfortunately have a more negative view of the confining prison called high school. It's just like elementary school now: a playground whose main goal is to confine and imprison the younger students who attend. Attendance policy? Who needs it? Why can't it be like in Europe, where, if you don't come to school, it's your own fault and your grades will suffer instead of having to go through all the paperwork and hassle of sending letters home to students who don't attend classes, when their parents probably don't even care enough to read them or do anything about them anyway? Kids may be academically stupid these days, but when it comes to dodging rules, they always find a way. High school, therefore, has devoted itself to try to outsmart the antics of those crazy high school kids, when they should really be concentrating on finding out new ways to educate the buggers. Regents, New York State's answer to the problem of dumb kids, are a joke. They only test the "minimal requirement" that kids need to get through the class. Kids complain, still, that the Regents are too hard. I know, I've gotten good grades throughout my educational career, but hell, I haven't tried that hard to get them. People are too lazy and give up way too easily. It isn't that hard, people!
I'm sick of this playground. It's time to move on to the big leagues, where all the unintelligent people have, to an extent, been rooted out. If you go to college, the majority of the time you want to be there, therefore you are more willing to work and learn. Those are the kinds of people I'd rather associate myself with, as opposed to the shallow-minded, fashion-/trend-oriented high schoolers I find myself stuck with. Call me negative, but seeing the wonderful possibilities college will give me in two months, I'm inclined to believe that this is how high school really is. Maybe I feel this way because I'm one of the oldest students in the school at the time. Next year, I'll be one of the youngest. Here's to the future and looking ahead...however good it may look for me in college, it doesn't seem to bright so far for high schools.


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