Tuesday, June 01, 2004

On the search for "IT"

I am fairly agile. I can bend and not break, or I can break and take it with a smile...

I'm talented with reason. I cover all the angles. I can fail before I ever try.

- Dashboard Confessional, "Bend and Not Break"

I was thinking of that this morning. It's really true.
Excellent night last night, probably one of the best I've had in a long time. It started out at Brant's, in which I found out he'd locked himself out of his own house. Luckily, his brother showed up and relieved us of this predicament. We watched Almost Famous for awhile (the extended version, of course!) and Mark showed up. Then we all went to Sky's for awhile and just chilled. It was quite amusing. I hadn't seen Sky since the beginning of the school year, before he left for Bard.
"Hey, is your brother home?" I asked him.
"Yeah, I think he's upstairs," he replied. So I snuck up to surprise him. I think I was pretty successful. So he came downstairs to join our little group. It was just one of those interesting, spontaneous times in my life that will help me in remembering the few good times that took place during this year. I hope this is a foreshadowing of sorts as to the summer to come.
Tonight's the senior murder mystery. I have been chosen to play a stoner. Hah, it's strange how many people take me for a real stoner in everyday life...
Prom's this Friday. Chris Brant and I are gonna have such a good time. Like I said, it's kind of been written in the stars that we'd go to Prom together, and it's strange how history played itself out so that we would. Things happen in order for others to happen...Fate is that thing that comes along and nudges the turnout of events in the right direction when your own choice fails to do so, or when you're not in a position to make something happen.
Certain developments have made me quite happy recently...Yet still seeing his face, whether in person or in pictures, seems to bring back that melancholy sadness to my eyes...
Graduation party: July 17th at my grandparents' house in Richfield Springs. You're all invited, of course. ;-) Dammit, I can't wait until graduation. I have to wait until the beginning of August to first find out where and with whom I will be rooming for the next 4 years of my life. Syracuse, I can't wait that long!
...Even if we come home empty-handed, we'll still have our stories of battle scars, pirate ships and wounded hearts, broken bones, and all the best of friendships. And when this hourglass has filtered out its final grain of sand, I'll raise my glass to the memories we had. This is my wish. I'm taking it back. I'm taking 'em all back...
- The Ataris, "So Long, Astoria"


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