Thursday, June 17, 2004

That's a nice pretzel there...

Spent the night at Aaron's last night. I won't go into immense detail; most of you couldn't handle it, anyway. ;-P It's just so awesome, I find myself at a loss of words yet again. Even cuddling takes on a new definition when he's around. So broadcast me a joyful noise...I'm pretty happy, more happy than I've been in a very long time, perhaps ever. We just complement each other so well, I've never experienced anything so...perfect.
This weekend he'll be along to my house to go to church with my family and me, and then to see my brother off as my parents take him to PA to start his tour with the Christian Youth Chorale. He's gotten an article about him in the paper twice already. He feels quite honored, as he rightfully should. I'm proud of him. He'll be traveling to 15 different states in the course of 3 weeks, singing concerts with this choir of other teens his age. It's something he's always wanted to do, in a sense. He's realizing his dreams -- I'm happy for him. I'm also happy that I'll be the only "child" in the house for three weeks. Not that I won't miss and then. ;-P
School is officially over as of yesterday. I took the last Regents test of my life (US History/Gov't, for those who are interested) then. Classes officially ended Tuesday. I can't wait until next Saturday -- graduation. I got the weekend off that week for it. I can't wait to finally walk down that aisle, receive my diploma, and get the hell out of that school, haha. Not to mention all the parties that will eventually follow...
I got my hair cut the other day -- I love how it turned out. I really needed one, too. My hair was starting to look kinda long and ratty, anyway. ;-P Maybe there might be some pictures coming along soon...


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