Monday, June 28, 2004

Well, I'm gragutated!

Graduation was last Saturday. I had the whole week off of work, which was relaxing. The monotony and weight gain ultimately due to graduation parties followed suite.
I wasn't aware that I would be so excited about the actual act of graduation. Just being there with all my classmates, walking to the beat of drums and bagpipes, waiting in anticipation for the receival of my diploma. A more beautiful day for graduation couldn't have been invented. I sang the National Anthem along with Beth and Savanna. Just about everyone cried. Afterwards, the parade of graduation parties began. Not much to say about that. It's the same as it's always been, when Dad would take us to the parties for his students. We came, we ate, we left...
Aaron gave me this awesome sound system for my laptop. It sounds even better than my stereo. I guess I know what I'll be taking to college this fall and what I'll be leaving behind -- it's a set of small yet powerful speakers with a nice subwoofer. Having a boyfriend who happens to work at Staples does come with its own set of advantages. ;-) Then again, being with him is one big advantage in itself; he's amazing all-around. My aunt gave me an HP printer/scanner/copier all-in-one, which is also going to be very useful. I just scanned a bunch of pictures for a slide show for my graduation party. It was actually Bethany's idea, and I thought it was quite a good one, so I decided to steal it. The only difference is that she has a desktop Dell, whereas I own a notebook...and a nice set of speakers. ;-)
My parents are getting me a new guitar -- an acoustic/electric! I picked out a Takamine -- check it out. It's nice and compact yet still has an awesome sound. I also got a nice Marshall amp with effects. This is gonna come in lots of handy when I record. Maybe I'll just end up redoing all my songs and repost them on my Soundclick site. It's also going to be awesome for performance and sound in general. The acoustic I play now (an old Sigma of my mom's) has this bump behind the fretboard that terribly screws with the action -- the guitar was cheap and is getting along in years, anyway. I'm so excited to be getting a nice, new one.
Aaron was over last weekend. He couldn't make it to my graduation ceremony because of work, but he'll be there for my party, which is at my grandparents' on July 17th. I'm hoping to celebrate Independence Day at his house from Sunday until Monday or perhaps Tuesday, if he doesn't have to work. His class will be over soon, so we'll have a lot more time. However, I can't wait until school starts for me at SU. I'll be closer to him, and I won't have to waitress anymore; sure, it's good money, but I can't stand the hours. I know that my fellow former classmates sometimes have to work the same hours and it kills them probably worse than it kills me, but whatever. It's grueling sometimes. Just the anticipation of going to work is a big let-down. I'd like to do something I actually enjoy. I know a lot of you can agree with me on this one.
I wrote two new songs. Check them out.
I'll get around to posting pictures of graduation soon. Until then...there are 14 days left until the DMB concert at Darien Lake! I'll also be going with Aaron in November to see Tull at the Turning Stone for a second time -- I'm so excited. Will you be able to handle me a second time around, Ian Anderson?! ;-P


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