Friday, July 09, 2004

Dead on arrival

My new printer, which was pronounced dead on arrival at the repairman the other day, has been scrapped, but I got a new one for free in its place. Sweet deal. "Sweet lady freedom -- let's make out!" (- Strong Bad)
Work went quite well tonight. I didn't make as much as I wish I did, however. I don't understand how all of a sudden my tips aren't as good as I expected. Am I just not as busy as I used to be because it's summer and not as busy? Is it because I can't watch it all add up as much anymore because I don't work as much? It's funny how I had more hours during school than I do now during the summer, when I'm more available for them. Go figure. Anyway, it turns out I won't be working a double shift tomorrow. In fact, I won't be working at all tomorrow. Now comes the time when I need to search for something to do during the evening. Maybe I'll go to that new movie theater they have in New Hartford and spend some of my tip money that I made tonight. This could work. Maybe I'll coax Aaron into coming with me, if he's up for it...
Tomorrow we go to get Michael. So it's been 3 weeks of summer already? Man. Time does fly when you're having fun, especially if you're having fun being an only child. I don't know if I'm going to be able to readjust to life with a sibling. These have been some of the best weeks of my life! Well, it sounds mean know what I mean. ;-P
Tonight Aaron's helping a bud who's moving out. Well, actually a budette. Whatever. I miss him.
Tuesday's the big day -- Dave Matthews Band! We've figured it all out. I went to Basloe today to visit Savanna and ended up visiting a lot more people than just her. Turns out Mark Conley'll be there too, so that'll be fun. We're going to head up early (I'm driving), around 10 or 11 in the morning, so that we can catch some time at the park before the concert. It's gonna be a blast. Then we're all sleeping over at nana's and driving back early the next morning. That'll be a trip -- driving back starting 9 in the morning to get Pete and Lou to work. Ho boy. Talk about lack of sleep. Oh well, it should be fun anyway.
What's also cool is that Aaron might show up Tuesday evening and stay until Thursday morning, since I don't have to work again until Thursday night. By the way, my schedule for next week is as follows:
Tuesday: on call (won't be able to come in anyway because of the concert -- not that I expect to get called in anyway)
Friday: 3:30 pm (possibly 2:30, depends on certain things I don't really know about)
It should be a good week. At least I'm guaranteed two nights of work. On Saturday I have my grad. party, so I have that off at least. I'm gonna have to let them know about Saturday the 31st not being a possibility for me to work either, because of the Rotex BBQ at Scott's. I've been thinking I'll probably end up driving up there to Syracuse and staying with Aaron, unless he's planning on driving me himself. What's good is that I don't normally work on Saturday anymore anyway, so it probably won't be a problem; there are 7 other waitresses on our staff, so it shouldn't be a bad thing at all if I ask for it off. Half of those girls need the money more than I do anyway, since they don't live at home anymore and have to support themselves. I'm welcoming the day off tomorrow though, which came as a surprise tonight.
My legs hurt. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be online, especially since Aaron's gone for the night. Until then, mes amis. Schlaft und traeumt schoen!

(Wow, I love being so "multi-kulti"!) ;-P


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