Saturday, July 03, 2004

La da da da da da

My new Takamine acoustic/electric, model EG561C...delicious.

It's a beautiful thing, this guitar. Now I can play Weezer (who use overdrive half the time) and Dashboard Confessional (the older stuff, that is) with the flip of a switch (from my new Marshall amp). Yes, folks, the beauty you see before you is the gradutation present from my parents, which I shall be bringing along with me to college in the fall. I can't wait until August 26th...
Another reason I can't wait to move is that I won't have to waitress anymore. Which reminds me -- my schedule for next week is as follows:
Thursday: on call for night
Friday: 2:30 - ?
Saturday: 11:30am - 3pm, 4:30 - ?
It should be a busy weekend for me. Next Sunday we're going to PA to pick up my brother from his 3 week long trip. It's been that long already? Amazing. Then the next Saturday is my graduation party. Just another month or so of work and then I'm scot free. Who knows? I might get a couple more Saturdays off between now and August...


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