Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Moons and junes and ferris wheels

Well, I'm back by popular demand. Sorry it's been so long.
August has snuck upon me with the strength of a thousand pounds of excitement. School will start soon. Who knows what this new chapter in my life will bring. Undoubtedly it'll be amazing and life-changing.
I got the housing letter from SU about two weeks early, which surprised me. Normally they're behind on those kinds of things, right? I guess getting your housing and meal plan forms in early serves as an advantage, eh? In this letter was all the information I need about housing, including the name, address, and phone number of my roommate.
First things first: I'll be living in Lawrinson residence hall this year. I got what I'd wanted: a split double room. I also got what I didn't want: a residence hall that is co-ed by floor. I was hoping for one co-ed by room, but whatever. No icky boys sharing bathrooms with us girls. Hey, it might even give me a chance to become more of a "girl" type of chick. I foresee some "girls' nights out" in the near future. "Bleh"? Or, "yay!"?
My roommate seems really cool. Ours will definitely be a "creative" dorm, as she predicted. She's really into art (she'll be attending the College of Art and Design) and drama as well. We both have the same tastes in music, so she passes my tolerance test with flying colors. That's really the only thing I look for in people when I decide if I can tolerate them or not: their taste in music. We're going to get along, she and I; I can tell.
I can't wait until orientation. I got all the information about it and already typed up a little personalized schedule for myself, to figure out what I need to do and on which days it needs to be done. 23 more days!
Skipping back in time a few weeks, my graduation party was a huge success. I made about $1,000 from the whole ordeal (some of my other friends say they made more), but that's not really what mattered to me most. I enjoyed the company of everyone who attended, but toward the end got pretty tired of playing "hostess". What pleasantly surprised me the most was when Shawki showed up with his wife, whom I hadn't seen since Germany, when I came to visit. She told me in German how she remembered when she dropped me off at the train station when I left to go back to Bad Segeberg from their home in Bonn, and how she had forgotten to make me a sandwich to take back -- just how did I survive a 6 hour train ride without anything to eat? I laughed to myself at the thought that she'd remembered that after all this time (over a year now) and still felt bad. It touched me as I remembered those good old days.
I got a lot of useful presents as well. I've been going on little sporadic shopping sprees now and then -- I'm getting so anxious to start school -- for little things I'll need for the dorm room. I bought a new lamp, new alarm clock, new lava lamp(s), bulbs for them...just where does all the money go? Soon I'll need to buy another set of sheets (Mom just bought me one set, but I'm going to need another -- the beds there are Twin XLs, meaning the regular twin sized sheets won't fit on them), as well as other things (a guitar case, laptop carrying case, more clothing for fall) -- it all adds up pretty quickly.
Anyway, my new address/telephone number for school is as follows:

Lawrinson Hall 1510
303 Stadium Place
Syracuse, NY 31210
Phone number: (315) 443-6026

The Rotex picnic at Scott's last Saturday was great -- got to see and meet all the former exchange students. I actually got to his house without having to call to ask for directions. I also got to stay with Aaron until today. The day after the Rotex picnic was the Rebound picnic, also at Scott's. I went there the next day with Aaron. Turns out, a lot of the Rotexers, as well as the Rebounds, are involved or want to be involved with SU. I learned that the Newhouse school, where I'll be attending, is the most prestigious jounalism school in the country, and it's very difficult to get in. I feel proud.
Tomorrow's the Welcome Home Dinner. I'll be driving up to Dibble's Inn and paying $16 to eat, buffet style, and listen to the Rebounders' speeches. Aaron will then officially accept the position as president of Rotex and will make a speech.
I have all this week of work off, since the restaurant's been closed since Sunday and will be until Thursday. Friday I'm on call, so that means I basically have the whole week off. Yay. Saturday I'm hoping to spend the night at Aaron's (just where will I get all the money for gas?!), and Sunday we'll be meeting my family in Sterling for the Renaissance Fair. I'm so excited -- I'll be dressing up this year, and the dress my mom made me is so beautiful! Aaron's psyched about wearing his own costume that she made him, too, though in a more...comical way.
I think that just about covers the past couple of weeks that I've been on sabattical, as you might call it. Welcome home to my Dieffy!


At 11:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

... Tears and fears and feeling proud- to say "I love you" right out loud. Dreams and schemes and circus crowds- I've looked at life that way...

What can I say, Liz. The end of a most excellent chapter in our lives is it hand, but unlike a good book that you can't put down, life has a funny way of making the most passing of moments into memories you'll remember for a lifetime. It's really weird. I went to see "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" the other day. It was a hilarious movie, but it left the viewer with one piece of advice. "Don't worry about who you are or how people treat you. The universe has a way of balancing it all out in the end."

I'm definitely going to see you more during this summer and on holidays and stuff like that, but rather than cry when everything's said and done, I think I'll write a goodbye right now. Besides, I've never been one to talk and cry at the same time. It's just messy. I'm a writer, and this is all that I can give.

I know that you're going to have a lot of fun at SU. It's going to be a great experience for you, and you seem amped to go. I'm really happy for you. But ya know, even though you're going to be in Syracuse, every time I see a pair of FlexOn glasses, I have no choice but to think of you. These past four years have been awesome. Too bad they go by way too fast. As a writer, you learn that even though you may leave a particular paper, your memory will live on. I know that Mr. Sarcastic will live on in the minds of HHS students and teachers. Much like newspaper articles, friends live on. Whether it be in memories or actual contact, good friends always seem to be there. It's great. You've been a great friend, and I know that I'll never forget you. Thanks for brightening these four years of high school. I'll make it a point to catch up with you on vacations, and remember about our plan for 5 years from now with Courtney to see how everything turns out. Rock on. I hope you had the time of your life. And always remember to drink Kool-Aid. "And the piano- it sounds like a carnival! And the microphone smells like a beer! They all sit at the bar and put bread in my jar, saying 'Man, what are you doing here?' Oh, la la la, li de da... la la, li de da, da dum... Sing us a song, you're the Piano Man- Sing us a song tonight- 'Cause we're all in the mood for a melody, and you've got us feelin' alright."


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