Friday, August 20, 2004

We're still fighting it

Everybody knows it hurts to grow up,
But everybody does. It's so weird to be back here.
Let me tell you what: The years go on
And we're still fighting it,
And you're so much like me.
I'm sorry.

It was pain, sunny days and rain,
I knew you'd feel the same thing.

- Ben Folds, "Still Fighting It"

The question is, what are we still fighting? What is this "it" we speak of?
6 more days until the big change. I wish it was happening tomorrow.
I didn't go to the fair yesterday. I just really didn't feel like it because my family, Olivier, and I went hiking up Panther Mountain, a really steep mountain buried deep in the heart of the Pisecos. I hadn't climbed it in about 10 years. I finally realized what hiking uphill for about half an hour can do to a woman. My legs were like rubber by the time we left. I was dirty and smelly and exhausted. I did, however, go to Briggs' for some Donnie Darko. Three words. Weirdest movie ever. I don't think I'll ever understand it. If anyone has some words of enlightenment on the movie, feel free to comment and tell me all about it.
It's actually sunny today for once. I hope it's like this when I leave on Thursday.
Life goes on. I can't wait to break the monotony and actually do something.


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