Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A luscious mix of words and tricks

I didn't get a show for WERW. Oh well. I always figure there's next semester...and the semester after that.
Real World's at SU -- my desire to be on that show has always been one of my most secret of secrets. You know, the kind you don't tell people because you're afraid of being made fun of. And you'd never really go through with it, either. It's just one of those secret desires that comes into the crevices in your mind when you see something having to do with it. So no, I didn't try out. Besides, the line was way too long, anyhow.
I did, however, see Michael Moore in the Dome. It was quite an interesting experience. Bart and I ended up arguing half the time. Yeah, it sometimes sucks to be an independent. At least I plan on voting. As Moore stated, "Yeah, George Bush and John Kerry both suck. That's why I'm voting for John Kerry!" My parents are convinced I'm turning into a left-winger.
I went home last weekend to take care of some business. It's good to be close enough to home that I can return whenever I want (not that I really want to all that often), but I'm just far enough away that I don't have to be judged by where I come from. Coming home last weekend made me realize just how small Herkimer is, and how different (and quieter) it is from (than) Syracuse. It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle, but really, the city is where I've always belonged.
I wrote my second article for the DO and it made the front page today. I'll tell you, I got sent on quite the scavenger hunt last night, looking for sources that I couldn't get ahold of during the day. I have a feeling I pissed some editors off, which makes me feel kinda bad. At any rate, the story was finished after 3 hours spent at the DO. I really do like it there. I can really picture myself sitting in one of those chairs behind a computer, editing people's stories all night long. Yeah, that'd be nice.
Mike and I haven't really been talking lately. I couldn't tell you why, honestly. It appears to be another one of those Joel incidents, where I do seemingly nothing and get rejected by someone I'd developed a deep, friendly relationship (read: non-sexual) with. Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but I get the feeling that he's been spending a lot more time with Madison than me. Whenever he talks to me these days, he asks about her. This started happening just after I came back from home. We were very friendly while I was home. I really wonder what happened. I'd like to know, because it's really making me feel lonely and dejected.
In any case, my Earl Gray's getting cold. Until then.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The only living [girl] in New York

I received my first assignment for the DO. In fact, I just spent about two hours there with Mike, sitting and talking to the editors of the News section as one of them helped Mike edit his story. Mine's got a deadline of Monday night. I'm really wondering how all of this is going to turn out. I really got to talking with the main editor, though. I figure the better they know me, the more likely I am to get stories, and possibly move up in the hierarchy of the newspaper. My main goal is, by my senior year, to hold the coveted title of Editor-in-Chief.
I dropped Writing 105! I got a call from the Registrar's office, saying that the English credit I got online from HCCC back in 10th grade counts for WRT 105 credit, and if I continue to take the class, it won't count for anything, so I just went ahead and dropped it. Now I'm cruising through the rest of the semester with 13 credits, which still allows me full-time student status (you need 12 to be considered as such).
I went to the general interest meeting for WERW, the radio station I want to have a show at. I really hope I get one. My schedule's filling up fast. I still have Work Study hours to worry about. No one's contacted me about an interview so far. I'm kind of worrying about it. There is no way I'm working at the dining hall...ever.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Life 101

Well, my first two weeks of college are pretty much behind me, and I have one recommendation for everyone: Go see Garden State. I went with Bart (did I mention this already?) and it was so awesome. I'm going again tonight with Mike and some girls to see it again. They'll all be seeing it for the first time. Besides, I have some shopping to do at the mall; namely, I need an answering machine.
I've actually been getting more calls on my room phone lately -- yay! "Yay," because my cell phone service sucks and I'm researching a new phone/plan. I'm thinking either Cingular or Virgin Mobile. Any testimonials/suggestions? Call my room phone. ;-P
My parents are coming tomorrow, mostly because I need something from home (social security card/passport) in order to fill out my I-9 for Work Study. Who brings a US passport or their social security card to school, anyhow? It'll be interesting to see them. They might even bring Nadja, the German exchange student who's living in my room at home for the year. Once an exchange family, always an exchange family, even if it isn't through Rotary, right?
I kind of got my heart broken the other day. I don't really want to go into details. I guess I just pretended to not have feelings (or at least wasn't aware of how great they were) that were really stronger than I'd thought. And I got hurt, as I kind of expected would happen. I just thought that I would have been ready for it when it came along. Schade, I guess. Shit happens.
My books still haven't come in the mail yet...If they don't by the end of today, I'll be quite upset.
I might have my own radio show. Next Wednesday I'm going to see just how possible that is. I'd get to play whatever music I like, and the station isn't FCC regulated, so I'd get to drop some F-bombs if the opportunity so presented itself (not that I really use that word anyway). Tune in to WERW if you're interested.

Friday, September 03, 2004

End of our days

Sorry I haven't been able to write in awhile -- the excitement of my first week of college was just too much. Now to tell what actually happened...
The first weekend was full of parties and new people. Now that things have kind of quieted down and classes have started, I'm kind of feeling a little lonely. I wanna go out again! Good thing today's Friday -- I'll get the chance. Tonight I meet with the Daily Orange to find out my beat for the feature's section. I'm so excited. I've wanted to write for this paper for the longest time.
There was a little mess with my schedule in the beginning, because I tested out of the German class I was originally signed up for. Now I'm in German 300/400: Romanticism and Zen. The main premise of this class, which could very well be my favorite, is the similarities between German Romanticism and Eastern Zen practices -- and of course all our dialoge takes place in German. Great class.
I've kind of started a little duo with Bart, a great guy from Day Hall, up on the hill. I still haven't been able to count all the stairs you have to go up to get there. It's probably worse than if you were to climb the stairs in Lawrinson to the 15th floor! Yesterday I popped over to Bart's to watch Wayne's World for the first time. Before that, we'd jammed on guitar to some of my songs. Brant might even manage us, for a project he's doing at St. Rose. Bart's a Newhouse student too, a writer like me who might do either magazine or newspaper.
Then there's Mike, who lives directly above me. Mike's also a Newhouse student in broadcast who lives in Buffalo and actually got 10 points lower than me on the SATs. I was surprised to learn that the average SAT score for Newhouse students is like a 1300. Bart got a 1500. Amazing. Mike's going back home this weekend, since we have school off Monday for Labor Day. We eat together in Sadler about every day. We have so much to talk about all the time.
And who could forget the lovely ladies on my floor? They're all awesome -- the first weekend about 8 of us went to frat parties and just had fun. It was great. I felt so alive.
I'm convinced I'm the only girl on this campus who owns and plays guitar...but I'm love it. This whole duo thing is going to be interesting. I played through "Perhaps Another Day" with Bart, and he added some licks on his electric and some harmonies with his voice (one of the only guys' voices I've heard that's actually on key all the time!) and I was amazed how much more wonderful it sounds. Imagine what could happen with the rest of my originals?