Friday, September 10, 2004

Life 101

Well, my first two weeks of college are pretty much behind me, and I have one recommendation for everyone: Go see Garden State. I went with Bart (did I mention this already?) and it was so awesome. I'm going again tonight with Mike and some girls to see it again. They'll all be seeing it for the first time. Besides, I have some shopping to do at the mall; namely, I need an answering machine.
I've actually been getting more calls on my room phone lately -- yay! "Yay," because my cell phone service sucks and I'm researching a new phone/plan. I'm thinking either Cingular or Virgin Mobile. Any testimonials/suggestions? Call my room phone. ;-P
My parents are coming tomorrow, mostly because I need something from home (social security card/passport) in order to fill out my I-9 for Work Study. Who brings a US passport or their social security card to school, anyhow? It'll be interesting to see them. They might even bring Nadja, the German exchange student who's living in my room at home for the year. Once an exchange family, always an exchange family, even if it isn't through Rotary, right?
I kind of got my heart broken the other day. I don't really want to go into details. I guess I just pretended to not have feelings (or at least wasn't aware of how great they were) that were really stronger than I'd thought. And I got hurt, as I kind of expected would happen. I just thought that I would have been ready for it when it came along. Schade, I guess. Shit happens.
My books still haven't come in the mail yet...If they don't by the end of today, I'll be quite upset.
I might have my own radio show. Next Wednesday I'm going to see just how possible that is. I'd get to play whatever music I like, and the station isn't FCC regulated, so I'd get to drop some F-bombs if the opportunity so presented itself (not that I really use that word anyway). Tune in to WERW if you're interested.


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