Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A luscious mix of words and tricks

I didn't get a show for WERW. Oh well. I always figure there's next semester...and the semester after that.
Real World's at SU -- my desire to be on that show has always been one of my most secret of secrets. You know, the kind you don't tell people because you're afraid of being made fun of. And you'd never really go through with it, either. It's just one of those secret desires that comes into the crevices in your mind when you see something having to do with it. So no, I didn't try out. Besides, the line was way too long, anyhow.
I did, however, see Michael Moore in the Dome. It was quite an interesting experience. Bart and I ended up arguing half the time. Yeah, it sometimes sucks to be an independent. At least I plan on voting. As Moore stated, "Yeah, George Bush and John Kerry both suck. That's why I'm voting for John Kerry!" My parents are convinced I'm turning into a left-winger.
I went home last weekend to take care of some business. It's good to be close enough to home that I can return whenever I want (not that I really want to all that often), but I'm just far enough away that I don't have to be judged by where I come from. Coming home last weekend made me realize just how small Herkimer is, and how different (and quieter) it is from (than) Syracuse. It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle, but really, the city is where I've always belonged.
I wrote my second article for the DO and it made the front page today. I'll tell you, I got sent on quite the scavenger hunt last night, looking for sources that I couldn't get ahold of during the day. I have a feeling I pissed some editors off, which makes me feel kinda bad. At any rate, the story was finished after 3 hours spent at the DO. I really do like it there. I can really picture myself sitting in one of those chairs behind a computer, editing people's stories all night long. Yeah, that'd be nice.
Mike and I haven't really been talking lately. I couldn't tell you why, honestly. It appears to be another one of those Joel incidents, where I do seemingly nothing and get rejected by someone I'd developed a deep, friendly relationship (read: non-sexual) with. Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but I get the feeling that he's been spending a lot more time with Madison than me. Whenever he talks to me these days, he asks about her. This started happening just after I came back from home. We were very friendly while I was home. I really wonder what happened. I'd like to know, because it's really making me feel lonely and dejected.
In any case, my Earl Gray's getting cold. Until then.


At 2:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH EMM GEE. i have been reading your delicious blog for weeks on end.

hope you read this


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