Thursday, September 16, 2004

The only living [girl] in New York

I received my first assignment for the DO. In fact, I just spent about two hours there with Mike, sitting and talking to the editors of the News section as one of them helped Mike edit his story. Mine's got a deadline of Monday night. I'm really wondering how all of this is going to turn out. I really got to talking with the main editor, though. I figure the better they know me, the more likely I am to get stories, and possibly move up in the hierarchy of the newspaper. My main goal is, by my senior year, to hold the coveted title of Editor-in-Chief.
I dropped Writing 105! I got a call from the Registrar's office, saying that the English credit I got online from HCCC back in 10th grade counts for WRT 105 credit, and if I continue to take the class, it won't count for anything, so I just went ahead and dropped it. Now I'm cruising through the rest of the semester with 13 credits, which still allows me full-time student status (you need 12 to be considered as such).
I went to the general interest meeting for WERW, the radio station I want to have a show at. I really hope I get one. My schedule's filling up fast. I still have Work Study hours to worry about. No one's contacted me about an interview so far. I'm kind of worrying about it. There is no way I'm working at the dining hall...ever.


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