Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Beauty in the breakdown

I love Gimpy!

Wow, I love Tim. Look at what he made for me in Photoshop! I made up the rules myself, though, of course.
I figured that, since it's late and I don't have class tomorrow until 11:45, that it would be a good time, now that I'm not really doing anything, to write an entry.
Turns out, due to some sort of circumstances beyond his control, Eric can't come see me. Oh well. It shall happen someday!
I've been spending more and more of my time in Boland. I know why this is, too...I've become quite close to Randy lately. His floor's awesome.
It's official: I'm a staff writer! Article number 6 should be out tomorrow. Maybe I'll take an entry to post all my articles thus far. I'm sure you're just dying to read them...
Hey, I've got nothing to do today but smile...
- Simon and Garfunkel, The Only Living Boy in New York"

I guess I had less to tell than I'd previously thought. Good night, everyone.


At 8:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does your mother read this shit?

At 9:56 PM , Blogger Liz said...

Nope. Can't say she does. Thank God.
Who are you, by the way?

At 10:26 AM , Blogger Dief said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! thats awesome.

yeah, i think you should publish your articles on here, i would love to read them. : )

im sure they are amazing! congrats on the staff writer position, pretty cool. hope all is well...


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