Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's a Zen statement!

Well, where to begin?
I spent last night playing poker on Law 16. I just realized what a hilarious group of guys those are. A lot of good quotes came out of last night, including, "I'm trying out a new floor," and, "It's a Zen statement!" We watched Family Guy and Aqua Teen Hunger Force while playing -- well, we didn't really watch it, but whatever. Good times were had by all, including myself. I've found a floor to hang out on often.
John and I are trying to get Randy to come to Lawrinson tonight to celebrate John's passing his sight singing final. He's always so busy now, we hardly see each other. It's really sad. We live less than 2 blocks from each other (he can see my room from his) and yet we only get to see each other, at best, twice a week. This really should change, I think. I am afraid, though, about next semester, when everything takes a turn for the way more difficult. My schedule is going to be 3 times as full as it is now, especially if I get this asst. editor job at the DO. I registered for classes this morning -- my class schedule is also full. How will I fit it all in? Weekends will be heaven for me, I'm sure. But will that be the only time I'll see Randy? That would utterly and completely suck if that were the case. I ask myself, are we both willing to make it work? I mean, I am. Is he? I really care about him...but I can't fall in love with someone I never see...what's the most depressing is that we're not that far from each other at all. *Sigh* The drama begins. Somehow, though, I think it'll work out. Hopefully.
I turned in my second COM paper, which was really a continuation of the first, only adding in a few more aspects. I'll cry if I don't get better than a B on it, like I did last time. I'm pretty proud of the work I did on this one.
In one week I go home to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. From Friday until Saturday, we'll be in Buffalo visiting my grandpa in the nursing home. I never really like going there -- it's really depressing and boring. I hate being around so much death and depression. Oh well. It's a family holiday, anyway.
There's less than a month until I turn 19. How odd is that? My birthday always sneaks up on me, especially since I stopped really celebrating it. To me, it's just another day on the calendar.
I have to go to lab tomorrow. It should be involved. Ick. Wish me luck. I'm kind of hoping I don't get a call from the DO tonight about a story, because I'm glad for the vacation, no matter how much I enjoy writing for them.
Hmm...that's about it. Watch the new Strong Bad E-Mail. It's great.


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