Monday, January 10, 2005

Time to press "play"

I think I explained everything perfectly to Jeremy tonight when he (surprisingly) called me. It really made my day (if not, at least half my week) to hear the voice of one of my best friends at SU.
I basically said that my real life is at SU, and I've just paused it for awhile to come home. At first it was like a breath of fresh air, the quiet, the family, the old-town mentality rushing back to my veins, the mentality I'd known most of my life. Then, I began to realize why I wanted to leave in the first place. I don't feel like I belong here. I never really have. At school, I belong. I have an amazing bunch of friends that I've grown so much with last semester and who I hope to stay with for the rest of my duration in the 'Cuse. My heart belongs to them. Time goes on here, but my life is still paused. I feel this incredible urge to go back, press "play," and watch as everything unfolds, as we all come back together and see what happens as our relationships grow and change once again. I need this. I need to press "play" and resume my real life. There's so much that will happen next semester. I'll have the experience of 1 extra class, since last semester I only did 12 credits and this one I'm doing 15. Add to that the excitement (and future stress) of a job at the Daily Orange, along with the usual stories I'll write for them. Talk about a full schedule! Weekends will be my savior, where I'll get to rest up and party all night long. First upcoming party I know of: the changeover party the DO'll be throwing. I'm on paid staff now, so let the good times roll!
Just one more day to get through and then Alex will be here! Tomorrow, at least, I'll have something to do, even if it only means going with the mall (once again) with Nadja, this time to return some clothing we didn't like that Grammy gave us. I need PJ pants, too (maybe those boxers I've wanted?), because I had some that recently I discovered I had to trash because of the incessant rip in the crotch that kept coming back no matter how many times you sewed it back together. *sigh* Those PJ pants and I have been though a lot together! (Don't get any sick ideas, now! ;-P)
Well, I figure I might as well end my day the same way I've ended every other: computer, phone calls to random SU folk, and bed. Sayonara, my dearies.


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