Tuesday, February 22, 2005

And suddenly you're in love with everything

Well, I'm feeling better! By "executive order," that is, as requested by Dan, I'm writing about my newfound optimism.
Dan and I went to our first couple enrichment session today. It was pretty interesting. We basically talked to this counselor dude about everyday stuff as well as our relationship. I think it totally broke the ice for both of us. Before, I felt like there was this big barrier between us. It was hard to communicate and I felt that some of the things he did or said meant something else. There are still issues to work out, but this enrichment thing really helped, even though we've only done one session so far. I thought it would be hilarious, but I actually took it totally seriously. Afterwards, I think we both felt like this giant yolk had been lifted off of both our shoulders. I'm much more optimistic about things from here on out.


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we need to catch up sometime.


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