Sunday, March 13, 2005

The venetian blinds are open tonight

I don't think I could be more bored. This is why I dread coming home. I can't even sleep in my own bed. The only thing I've really started that keeps me relatively amused is exercising on the treadmill I had my dad set back up for me in the basement. During the time I've been here I've gone down there and run on it. Yesterday it was for only 15 minutes, but today it was for about 25. I'm doing this in reaction to the fact that, when I stepped on the scale yesterday, I was appalled to learn that I'd gained 4 pounds between the end of Christmas break and now. I seriously think it has to do with pup food at the DO. Up until now, I'd been eating 2 dinners at night, always precluded by a semi-large lunch. I've made a resolution that, when I go back, I won't be eating as much pup food/dinner as before. It's such a disgusting feeling to know you've gained that much weight. Even 2 pounds kills me and raises my attention. Hopefully not eating so much at home will help. It sucks, because combined boredom and not eating as much are already making me think constantly about the next meal and eating in general. Hopefully I can keep the same control over my desires when I go back.
Well, it's 7:00. Time for 60 Minutes and then Cold Case, the only TV I used to watch until I started working for the DO. Now the amount of TV I watch has dropped to 0. It's amazing how much I've been watching since I've been home. I really need a hobby. There is seriously nothing to do here. Well, I'll be going to Turning Stone tomorrow to visit the spa there, and maybe Tuesday I'll hang out with Briggs -- he's really my only friend who's here right now, since every one else's Spring Break falls the week after ours.
And, amazingly enough, I miss the clamor and chaos of the DO. I miss my co-workers. I miss my friends. Jordan's in Scotland, Ivan's bound for San Fransisco and majorly good times, no doubt. Jeff? Who ever knows what that kid's up to...
Everybody sing praises for no more 8:00 a.m. classes! Yay, sleep!
And we'll get down on our knees
And we don't care who sees
And to hell with them who laugh
And we'll tell the ones that ask
That we're damned if we do
And we're damned if we don't
And one thing is true
If I'm wrong I'm not alone.

-- Paul Westerberg, "When Will We Arrive?"


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