Tuesday, April 12, 2005

If you believe they put a man on the moon...

First class, fancy free --
She's high society.
She's got the best of everything.
What could [I] ever really offer?
She's perfect as she can be --
Why should I even bother?

- Tal Bachman, "She's So High"
No, I'm not a lesbian. I meant it in a different way.
I feel like my wet spell of raining men has ceased. Now I'm in for a long stretch of desert. I don't feel like I'm that girl who gets the guy anymore. Have I ever really been?
I straightened my hair today for the first time in a long time. Maybe I should do it more often...
This weekend's going to be a blowout on South for Ivan's (belated) birthday party. It'll be fun.
I'm getting more and more excited about living on South next year (that is, if we get it -- please!). It'll be me and Jordan in our own two-floor apartment with lots of room. Next to us will be Ivan and Jeff, then Jeremy and Steve. Down the road a bit will be Paul, Dickie, and RJ, so we'll all be together again. The old crew...let the good times roll. There're so many more experiences left for me to record in my mind...This book I want to write is going to (hopefully) kick large amounts of ass.
What they call 'love' is a risk,
'Cause you'll always get hit out of nowhere
By some wave and end up on your own.

- Brand New, "Play Crack the Sky"
You write such pretty words,
But life's no storybook.
Love's an excuse to get hurt
And to hurt...

- Bright Eyes, "Lover I Don't Have to Love"
First comes love and then comes pain...
Let the games begin.

- Pearl Jam, "Love Boat Captain"
I don't feel like my days are very productive anymore. Normally I end up with a long stretch of time in which I have nothing to do. If this were last semester, chances are I'd be working on a story for the DO. I don't really mind not having them that often anymore, but at the same time I enjoy seeing myself in the paper. It's just such a time-consuming wild goose chase every time I do have to write one. Is it worth the effort to get my name in the paper? I might say so.
So I'm definitely applying for head copy editor at the end of the year. Elyse is applying for management and might as well get it, so that leaves her position open. If I get head copy editor (which I have good reason to believe I will, being as no one else wants the job), I'll probably end up getting three new assistants, most likely sophomores who haven't worked for the DO before. It'll be interesting being leader of a section. Maybe my sights on a position in management for later on in my career aren't that unreachable after all. Who knows?
It's times like these I believe in horoscopes. Right now my career plans are blooming and my love life is in the pits. Before, when my love life was the most prevalently successful part of my life, I was unsure of my ability in my career...Strange.
I should write more. Just write. Stream of consciousness, poetry, stories -- just to write, get it all out. Since I'm not really that good at drawing, writing will have to be my outlet. Well, hasn't it always been? I just feel like I haven't been writing as much as I used to. Reading's the same way. Maybe that's just because I haven't had time, though.
Planning for Germany...
Too low to find my way;
Too high to wonder why...

- Thievery Corporation, "Lebanese Blonde"


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