Sunday, May 29, 2005

So far away from everyone

So, I've been a week in Germany now. It's been a blast so far. I've gotten to see so many old friends and families I hadn't seen in 2 years. On Thursday, I'm even going to take part in the Entlassungsfeier at the Dahlmannschule, my old school. Sarah and I are going to sing together and I'll probably play guitar.
Nothing much has changed here. It's even hard to see changes in people, both physically and mentally. I thought more would have changed in 2 years, especially in people. I know I've changed. I guess it isn't that noticeable after all.
So what I really wanted to do was show an excerpt from a journal entry I wrote yesterday evening while sitting on the terrace listening to Guster and just thinking about stuff.

Somehow, a certain blend of meaningful music and fitting surroundings can awaken such powerful emotional reactions within a person. Memories crawl back and fill one with a kind of bittersweet longing for what once was. I felt just that way a minute ago. ... But those moments of perfect music/ those hides enlightenment. Suddenly everything clicks as you run through all these rapidly-firing thoughts in your head and hear the most beautiful sounds and feel the most powerful, over-coming emotions...and then you feel perfectly at peace with everything -- you have all the answers for just one brief blink of an eye -- and then it's gone after the release of a few tears. - 05.28.05

One more week. Then I'll be coming back to you, America.


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