Friday, July 01, 2005

I can still hear you when you dream

Staring right back in the face,
A memory can't be erased.
I know because I've tried.
Start to feel the emptiness
And everything I'm going to miss.
I know that I can't hide.

All this time is passing by.
I think it's time to just move on.

When you come back down,
If you land on your feet,
I hope you find a way to make it back to me.
When you come around,
I'll be there for you.
You don't have to be alone with what you're going through.

Start to breathe and fake a smile.
It's all the same after awhile.
I know that you are tired,
Carrying the ones you lost,
A picture frame with all the thoughts
I know you hold inside.

I hope that you can find your way back
To the place where you belong.

You're coming back down.
(You say you feel lost; can I help you find it?)
When you come around
(From time to time we all are blinded).
You're coming back down.
(You don't have to tell me what you're feeling.)
I know what you're going through.
I won't be the one that lets go of you.

- Lifehouse, "Come Back Down"


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