Monday, August 08, 2005

You can't teach what you can't sell

Neat! Check out my friend Randy's blog. He finally got one! Included in it are amazing photos from some of his VPA projects. Spellbinding.
I went back to Syracuse yesterday to visit Scott, who's spending a few days at his house, 214 Clarendon (remember the 214 band frat parties?). It was so great to go back there. It made me realize how much I really do miss that place, and how amazing this coming school year is going to be. It was an all-out amazing day. I got to see Terry, and Mark actually popped over, too, which was awesome. I hadn't seen him in awhile. It was a pleasant surprise. All these people are influential in keeping me tied to that place I love. Of course, when I get back, responsibility will return as well, and I'll have actual work to do, which won't make me as happy as I am now, I'm sure. Still, I enjoy my job, and some classes were made for skipping, so all in all, I'm sure it'll work out fine. And I have my friends...

Ok, now I'm just rambling...I'll see you in 12 days.


At 12:51 PM , Anonymous Kai said...

Syracuse is so much nicer in the summer. During winter everything looks like crap from all the dirty snow and leafless trees. In the summer there's flowers planted, fountains turned on, etc. It's like paradise! If my parents didn't want me down in Binghamton so much, I would already be back up there... Now I have to wait until the 22nd.


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