Saturday, October 29, 2005

Parachute over me

One party down. One to go.
It's Halloween weekend, which strategically falls in line with Parents Weekend at SU, which means Jordan's parents have strategically decided to show up and torture us yet again. I'm tip-toeing around them as much as possible. Tonight we're going out to dinner. The last time they asked me to dinner with them, I was conveniently "sick" (read: hung over). This time ... hey, at least I get a free meal out of it ... a nice one too.
There's been a lot of scandal going on around campus. It's so complicated and blown up now I can't really explain it too well. Basically, the D.O. broke a big story, which has ignited this eruption of argument over free speech, race, self-segregation on campus, due process, etc. The campus is very much divided at this point. Things are tense pretty much everywhere you look.
This is one of the reasons I'm glad I'm going home next weekend. We don't have classes Friday, and we conveniently scheduled a D.O. Tank Day for Friday as well, so I thought it would finally be a good time to appease my family by returning home for the weekend. If I'm lucky, Scott will come with me.
So it's off to Omar's tonight. Last night at Dana/Amy's, I dressed as an Emo girl. Scott went as a scrub -- he got an outfit at The Salvation Army for about $4.50. He really looked good as a scrub. We even found a coffee filter to make a makeshift mask out of at the last minute. Tonight at Omar's I'll be a J.A.P. Scott's going to be a dork. What a pair!
Hopefully there'll be stronger drinks so I don't end up consuming mass amounts of liquid without feeling very tipsy at all. Jello shots, anyone? Gin and tonics? Mix-your-own drinks? Mmm ...


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