Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The time has come for colds and overcoats

I'm sure you were all waiting on tenterhooks to discover the outcome of my grade on my news story: I got a B. Not bad, considering I thought it still needed a lot of additional work. A more developed version of the story will run in The Daily Orange tomorrow.
We're all back from Thanksgiving break. After a couple days at home, we drove out to Buffalo to see Nana & Co. I actually ate a little bit of turkey for Thanksgiving. After doing so, I discovered I don't really like the taste of meat anymore. I even ate some stuffing that had meat in it, and thought the taste fatty and creamy. No one wants to hear the word "creamy" in reference to meat.
The next two weeks could go by much faster, though this one's going by pretty quickly anyway. Maybe they should really go by more slowly. I have another story for NEW 205, this time a feature story on WERW, a free-format campus radio station. It's due next Friday. I haven't really done much so far ... or have I? In any case, I haven't gone out and made any calls yet, much less found any numbers. I just feel so apathetic about this story. I can't wait until deadline.
On top of that, I also have a six- to seven-page paper due for my British literature class that's due the same day as the feature story. I haven't even started researching it, really. A two-page "rough draft" is due next Monday, which I'll probably pump out easily on the weekend.
Then there are two finals I have to prepare for: a written one in anthropology on Dec. 13 and a verbal one for German next Wednesday. There's also a poem I have to memorize for recitation in my poetry workshop, which I'm kind of worried about. I never was that good at pointless memorization.
Someone please save me from this neverending work. I hope next semester will be easier.


At 10:23 AM , Blogger David said...

Oh how i wish i could save you from never- ending- work. but I am a slave to it also. Alas


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