Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I find peace when I'm confused

So to clarify: Yes, I got into an "accident" (can you really call it an accident when there was no damage to the car or anyone/-thing else?) the other day.
My brother and I were driving back from the mall, where we had spent some time returning most of his Christmas gifts (clothing) and buying much better stuff a la American Eagle (I've turned him into an AE poster child). It had just started snowing pretty badly, and the plow hadn't come through the highway yet, so the road was covered in slippery snow. I was doing about 50 miles per hour in a 55 zone, and as I went to pass someone, I swerved out of control: far left, then far right, then all the way around to where I was driving backwards, then around again and (thank God) into a ditch on the right side of the road. The whole time, I was hoping I wouldn't hit any oncoming traffic; luckily I didn't. I was also worried I would go off the left side of the road down the hill onto the other part of the highway with even more oncoming traffic. I really don't know how, but we landed perfectly in this ditch full of snow. Seriously, this gives me another reason to believe there exists some kind of higher power. Ahead of us about 100 feet was another car that had swerved off into the ditch.
A big guy pulled over by us and asked if we were OK: We were. He stayed by us while my brother called my parents, who then called a tow truck to pull us out, and waited with us until the tow truck got there. Unusually enough, this was the one day I had left my cell phone charging at home, and my brother had brought his, something abnormal for him.
As the tow guy was pulling us out, the cops came up and asked for my license, my brother's permit (who knows why they wanted his identification) and the car's registration and insurance information. I had passed them earlier as they were helping out yet another car that had swerved off the road. They gave it back to me just as the tow guy had finished pulling the car out. One of the cops went around the car, looking for damage: Thankfully, there wasn't a scratch. I drove the rest of the way home, very slowly this time.
So everything's OK. It's strange: I wasn't really freaking out at all as we spun around. I was collected, but letting out a few swear words now and then as I tried to get control of the car. I still wonder how I managed to get out of the situation with everything intact. Someone up there must like me ... though it's more probable he or she likes my brother more.


At 3:10 AM , Blogger David said...

I have a very reliable source who says that "someone up there LOVES you very much and is concerned with the spinning and the out of controlness, and who does put soft fluffy stuff for you to land in. When you land its OK to say thanks."

from me: be careful out there, please
the world would not be the same without YOU

At 12:07 AM , Anonymous Kai said...

I'm glad everything worked out, and that you're OK.

I had sort of a similar situation once my freshman year, being a front seat passenger in a full car to my friend's parents' place. We passed a cop who was just taking care of someone who had crashed into a post (tons of snow on the road somewhere near Fulton). Directly afterwards the car we were in spun out, but didn't run off the road too much. The cop came over and yelled at my friend who was driving. We were able to continue on.

We don't have hurricanes or earthquakes to deal with in Upstate NY, we just have snow. I'd call it the lesser of those evils!

At 12:39 AM , Anonymous John Brewer said...

I just wanted to clarify the reason that the cops would ask you for your brothers identification. As you know everything that happens that involves a police officer generates a lot of paperwork. Therefore the police just simply needed your brothers full name his birth date and his residence. I just wanted to let you know. The reason I know this is because in sept. I will be an officer in Mohawk!!


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