Saturday, December 17, 2005

This must be how you feel

I've got no reason
But that I must.
Lately I feel
Like I've been gathering dust.
I must leave this harbor for the sea.
I'm too young to settle down and make a home.
But I don't know where I'm wanting to be.
I just know I have to be there alone.

Stole my time.
All my time.
Stole my time for you.

Pale winter sun
Is beating the ground.
Why am I throwing away
The best thing that I've found?
My young heart's in tatters and I'm sure
That it will be a long time healing.
It's so hard to see what I'm doing this for
When loneliness is all I'm feeling.

Stole my time.
All my time.
Spend my time for you.

Now the wind it's blowing,
Blowing leaves through the trees.
I've got no use knowing
That with time it will ease.
I don't know where I'm going.
I hope I get there soon,
Because my soul is hollow
As the sorrowful moon. ...

-- David Gray, "Gathering Dust"


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