Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have

I've spent the past couple of weekends in a drunken haze. This probably isn't a good thing, because blacking out is not necessarily something to brag about.

I guess my excuse for my drunken behavior comes from the D.O. Transition party last weekend, where I consumed large amounts of liquor and subsequently tried to fend off several groping male hands ... yeesh. You can find pictures of the madness on my Facebook profile.

In other news, I'll be spending the summer at The Buffalo News. I guess driving out there and interviewing paid off after all. What's more? Ethan will be with me, which should prove very delightful. We get along well. It's good to have him in the office next to mine.

In a matter of weeks, Speens will be here, and we'll be off on the bus to New York City and then to Sayreville, N.J. for the Umphrey's show. I still have to let Jake know we'll be there. The new Umphrey's album comes out in April. I can't wait.

I've fallen in love with the new show "Love Monkey." First of all, I've loved Tom Cavanagh since he was in "Ed." Now it's gotten even better: He's an A&R rep and a total music freak. I watched the first episode thinking, "Wow, this show was created just for me." Getting to the point, it is through this show that I discovered Teddy Geiger, who appears on the show as up-and-coming kid artist "Wayne." In reality, he's a 17-year-old musician from Rochester who began composing music at age 8. He sings and plays drums, guitar and piano on his debut album, "Underage Thinking," which comes out in March. He amazed me from the start: Something about his sound just struck me. It's poppy, but still maintains a stripped down, personal feel. The only thing that bothers me is it seems his fanbase is mostly comprised of teeny-bopper girls. To me, that just screams "Total Request Live" and "America's next plastic-wrapped pop icon."

Which is why I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I e-mailed the information address from his Web site and asked for an interview with him for The D.O. I told Sheebs about him, and he suggested I get ahold of the kid. We'll see how that all pans out. Chances are it'll become nothing; after all, how many times do quasi-famous teenage artists agree to an interview with a college paper? Until then, all I can do is enjoy the music from afar and hope to God his fame among the pop-obsessed pre-pubescent fades with time as an older, more affluent crowd discovers his talents.


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