Thursday, February 09, 2006

Walking in my sleep again

And so begins another perfectly self-destructive weekend ... but I have to get through the last day of the work week first.

On deck are a slew of events, beginning tonight with the usual Thursday Night Beer Pong in the basement of my place of employment. Next up is Jared's "Arrested Development" party, where partygoers are urged to dress up as their favorite "Arrested Development" character. Unfortuantely, I still have yet to see the series, so I'm doomed to dressing as myself. Saturday presents an array of fun: First, Gavin and I are going on a "date" and hanging with his roommates until the Cops and Robbers Party at Dana and Amy's, where he and I will be appearing as Bonnie and Clyde. I'll be sporting my '20s-looking strapless black dress. I can only imagine how that night's going to end.

This weekend is going to be the last grope, last grasp of fun I'll have at least until next weekend, since next week will be a week of straight work. This week was actually pretty calm: I decided to hold off on a story for NEW 305 because of lack of story ideas. Next week, I'll have to work on a story, write a five-page paper for my history class read a bunch for history and German and finish up my short story by Tuesday. It's going to be one hellish week.

I've got to call Jake tomorrow. There are less than nine more days until we meet again.

I bought an ounce of salvia online the other day. It's a legal hallucinogen. Don't ask me how this stuff is still unregulated. I haven't tried it yet, but I know it's an herbal drug that causes users to briefly hallucinate and sometimes even black out when taken in doses of about .25 to .5 grams at a time. Me being the cat I am, I'm curious. The only problem is that the company is sending it from Washington state through Canada, which made the shipping and handling about twice as much as the actual ounce cost. Oh well. It'll be an interesting experiment. The best part is it's entirely legal to possess, sell and use in the United States. There have been small pushes made by state governments to control the drug, especially in New York state (legislation has been passed by the New York State Senate that banned the sale of the drug within the state, but it's still under consideration by the State Assembly). So far, only Louisiana and Missouri have completely criminalized the drug. All this stuff really interests me, just like legislation surrounding complaints by the RIAA and the movie industry regarding music, television show and film pirating. If only the government knew ...


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