Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I know I'm left with nothing more than my own soul

Tomorrow morning I move out. The thought brings with it a feeling of both melancholy and excitement: On one hand, I'm leaving all I've known for the past year; on the other, I'm moving on to something new and exciting. Not to mention the fact that last night was the last real evening I'll probably get to spend with Scott for a long time ... months -- years even. That hasn't even really hit me yet.

My last final, history, is tonight. Three paragraph-long IDs and one long essay. I've written down pages of notes and an outline for the essay, but I haven't really taken much time to study them. I think I'll be OK though. At this point, I'm quite frankly beyond caring. That summer mentality has set in, and it won't be gone until around September. Now that I won't be working at The D.O., it may just stick around a little longer.

It's too bad Woody won't be around this summer. I only have two weeks at home and then it's off to Buffalo. Brant and I will probably get together a few nights and wreak our usual havoc around town like we always do.

There's so much different about this summer than last, or even the one before that. I won't be home, Michael's graduating and going on tour ... he won't be attending college in the fall. It was with heavy hearts my parents asked Roberts Wesleyan to hold his application for a year. We're not even sure if he'll go next fall either. I never thought I'd belong to a family where my sibling didn't attend college after graduation. It's a different mindset, I think, to realize you're the only one in your family in school at the moment. My brother, the Christian rock star ... it has an odd ring to it. I can't imagine how it must be for my parents, to have to house their youngest son now and then when he comes home from touring. Come to think of it, my mom will probably enjoy it; it's one more tie to keep her hanging on to her children for a little while longer.

I wonder what I'll do for fun in Buffalo. There has to be so much more than in the Valley. Ah, summer.


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