Saturday, July 15, 2006

Viva Italia

Who knew the second-largest Italian heritage festival in the country (New York City's is No. 1) would be full of Christians following you around asking, "Have you found Jesus?" That kind of put a small damper on the day. Well, the rest of it was awesome. I hadn't eaten cannoli in years; I'd almost forgotten how amazingly sinful they are. So today I indulged, also in eggplant parmesan and braised artichoke hearts. The company was excellent as well. I'm experiencing a newfound surge in my appreciation and love for my heritage. If you don't behave, you know, I could have you "whacked" ... ;)

All this being outside under the hot Buffalo sun has left me with a nice tan. I swear I'm darker this summer than I've been in about eight years. It feels pretty good to be dark again.


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