Saturday, October 21, 2006

The sooner you leave, the sooner you're home

Boo! Scary, huh? Just in time for Halloween in a couple weeks! This is a picture I took this morning (after just waking up - can't you tell?) with my new camera phone. I was eligible for an upgrade, so when I went home yesterday for yet another doctor's appointment (don't worry - I'm not dying yet), Mom and I stopped by the Verizon store to get a new phone. I wanted a Razr, but settled on this Samsung SCH930 instead, because Dad got the same one and Verizon had a 2-for-1 deal for that phone, so I basically got it for free. Though not exactly aesthetically pleasant, it's got the same features as the Razr, so I figured I'd sacrifice good looks to save myself $100. I need all the cash I can get at this point.

Haven't had my morning coffee yet. I went to bed around 2:30 a.m. last night, late for me nowadays. Heather and Rob were working on their internship packets, and after I came back from working one of the three weekend night shifts we have to do each semester (from 9:30 p.m. to midnight), we made fun of Paula Deen's new show on Food Network and just had a good time before heading to bed. Surprisingly, I'm not tired now.

I think I'll have some of those banana nut waffles I experimented with making in my panini grill a couple weeks ago. They've been in the freezer since.

My project is coming along slowly but surely. I did two interviews yesterday, and I have one set for Sunday afternoon. Two more to make Thursday's deadline of five transcripts! I think I can do it. I think I just get really impatient, because I know what it's like once crunch time rolls around and you have nothing, so I always get this urge at the beginning to get everything done as quickly as possible so I don't have to worry about the deadline. As it turns out, I end up freaking out even more, because I'm not patient enough to give people time to respond. Things should work out. I'm allowing myself today as a day of rest (though I will be typing up transcripts today) from the project. Tomorrow, it begins again. It'll work out; no worries. I'm getting more confident by the day.

Having a new phone that won't die on me every five minutes is also a confidence-booster. Now all I need is a nice iPod that won't die on me whenever I start it up ...


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