Friday, November 03, 2006

Riddle me this

Doomsday has come and gone at last, and no longer do I have to worry about interviews and transcripts and recordings! Now comes the time for outline-writing, which I probably won't start until Monday at work. That's really the only time I get work done. Today is a day of rest, and tomorrow around 10 a.m. I'm going home until Sunday evening. I'll probably regret saving my workload until Monday, but hey, this is what the weekend is really for, right? Besides, family first.

I'm going to the gym earlier than usual today to EFX off some of the snacks I scarfed down last night, for reasons I will not choose to disclose. I swear, I'm cutting myself off.

I'm thinking of getting a haircut, and by haircut, I mean hardcore: not too short, but not as long as it is now, either. I printed out some pictures of the look I'm aiming for. I'm not sure if it would look any good, but I guess it'll grow back anyway, so why not experiment? I'm still a little wary about it, so we'll see. At any rate, my hair needs a major trim.

"House" is finally back on FOX Tuesday nights! Thank God ... it was getting to a point I didn't know what to do with myself, and downloaded episodes of Monday night's "Weeds" just weren't cutting it anymore. There was a song on this week's episode (of "House") that really impressed me: "Walter Reed" by a guy named Michael Penn. No, he's no relation to Sean, sadly, and apparently his career goes back to the '80s, which surprised me, because his style these days is anything but like that of 20 years ago, which I liked. I wanted to download the album the song's on, but unfortunately couldn't find it anywhere.

I may have finally found an inspiration for a novel. In my poetry class, I've been writing a lot of family memory-inspired freeform poems that have kind of come out a lot more prosy, like a story. Nevertheless, the class has liked them: the detail, the nostalgia. I think they would work better as stories, a bunch of images from my past put together in a detail-rich sketch of nostalgia. It's strange -- I thought by leaving and experiencing things on my own, I could find inspiration for a book, but it was really at home all along, with the interesting, small-town folk that I've become endeared to over the years. Small-town life kind of appeals to me, not necessarily as somewhere that I'd like to live, rather the people who live there. They're much more real, more interesting than people who live among denser populations. Hell, even Syracuseans are interesting people for the most part. Maybe it's just Central New York that gets me. I have been living here a combined 20 years, not counting the year I lived in Germany. Yes, I think it would all make for a very interesting story. You don't normally read books about small-town life in Upstate New York anymore, do you?


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