Monday, January 01, 2007

Going behind the lens

I thought because of my visual nonabilities that I would never pick up a camera, but today I took the digital camera Chris gave me for Christmas out into the backyard and attempted some "artsy" shots. After some photoshopping, I was pretty pleased with the results.

Shack in the farthest area of the backyard, behind this big fir tree.

Sunlight coming through the fir tree.

A wooden step my brother tried to nail to the fir tree years ago.

An old boat (not ours) by the shack.

Deer must have come through the yard last night ...

Well, I tried.

I like this one better.

I made color and black and white copies of all the photos and doctored them in Photoshop accordingly. Let me know what you think.

... By the way, happy New Year, everyone! Ich hoffe, ihr seid alle mit einem guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr gekommen!