Sunday, February 25, 2007

We race away from who we used to be

I'd say it's been a productive week. I finished my paper on the different forms of decomposition in William Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying" for my English class and turned it in Friday morning. I then proceeded to treat my slightly hung over self to a large salad at Fac. I figured I deserved it, after writing seven pages of pure dribble.

Also on Friday, I screened a film version of Arthur Schnitzler's "Reigen" for my German class. It was a cold walk from the bus stop and back, but I went out later that night, as on Thursday. I met up at Faegan's that night with some friends, and Friday I found myself at Chuck's. I'm getting more into the bar scene, if only for the reason that I love meeting and interacting with people. During the week it's often difficult to have a social life, other than at work, when interaction with people is part of my job. Still, weekends for me are a needed escape to hang out with friends and get away from the usual routine of wake up, get the paper and a coffee, go to class, come home, go to work for a few hours, eat dinner and watch TV until bed time. One cannot live such a life on the weekend. With the isolation of South Campus and my lack of a car, I'd go crazy otherwise. Who knows how I survived before turning 21.

My main concern this week is my seven to 10-page paper for Critical Perspectives. It's the first "stage" of a large semester-long project involving me coming up with a mission statement for my future career, discussing the work of someone I admire, why my work should be protected by the First Amendment and citing a case involving my field. I have an idea of what I want to write about; I just need to delve into researching and writing it, with the hope that I can write enough to fill seven to 10 pages. Plainly put: I am not looking forward to this.

Today I got a lot done, though. I wrote a (mediocre) review of the movie "Breach" for my magazine class tomorrow morning. I went to see it last night and was pretty impressed. I'm glad we didn't see "The Number 23" as we'd proposed. Maybe critics are good for something after all. I also wrote a paper for my German class in which I had to compare "Reigen" the film to Schnitzler's play. I hope two pages suffice. Along with a "Law & Order: SVU" marathon on USA today, I'd say it's been a pretty good, successful day. I even got to treat myself with a homemade meal of tuna poached in white wine, vinegar, honey and spices, served over couscous with a side of green beans. Delicious. I haven't cooked like that in a while, mostly because I haven't had the time, what with work and all. My desire for take-out food (mostly from Goldstein) has also grown, something I'm not sure I like. Nothing beats home-cooked food, that's for sure. I love the satisfaction of knowing what goes into my food and that I prepared it all myself. Nothing makes me happier.


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