Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thrown like a star in my vast sleep

Ahh it's still snowing. No matter: I have everything I need for this summer. Bring it on.

I'm going to be living in Providence, R.I. in a nice furnished apartment with three other people. I'm really excited. Yesterday the girl whose room I'll be taking called and we talked about my lifestyle and a little about the apartment and the accommodations and whatnot. Today a girl with whom I'll be rooming called and we talked, and she said she'd tell the girl whose room I'll be taking that I'm the one who'll be taking the room. I'm so excited; it's even cheaper than last summer in Buffalo. I heard Providence is a great city, and it's only a 30-mile commute from there to New Bedford, Mass., where I'll be interning. I've been receiving a copy of the paper almost every day now, in order to get a foretaste of what it's like and the style of their copy. I'm so excited.

I also have a car. I'm taking Dad's 2001 Ford Focus. We spent all week looking at different dealers and came up with nothing that will last me at least three years. The only car we found was a 2002 Saturn from Skinner's, where my grandfather used to work, so we trust their cars really well. All in all, the car would come to $4,000, which I could definitely afford. The only problem is the car is standard. After I tried driving it a bit, I became discouraged. My dad decided to take it and have me pay for it and I'd take his Focus. I figure it's a better deal than I'd ever find from a dealer, so I accepted. $4,000 later, I'm all set. The Focus still has to be fixed up (the steering wheel has some minor creaking issues), so I should have it by the end of next week. I'm so excited. This is the last thing I need for the internship. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about anything else for this summer. All I have to do is brush up on my style skills and enjoy the rest of the semester (right -- huge projects coming up). Spring break ends tomorrow, and it's been nice relaxing at home, but I am looking forward to going back and hanging out with my friends. Drew and I, in a semi-drunken state, made a deal that I'd go with him to his fraternity's formal, so I may end up going to my first formal in college. That'd be fun. I packed my lacy black dress just in case.

A car, finally. It's St. Patrick's Day -- time for another drink. ;)


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