Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No reservations

Oh, Anthony Bourdain, you angel, you. Your comments about the first "Food Network Awards" show last night startled and amused me. I admit, I did watch the show and humbly enjoyed it. As a foodie, how could a young cook (read: chef wannabe) not be taken in by the seeming rapture and allure of the food celebs, the hype, the awards? Of course, a seasoned (no pun intended) chef like you should know better. Perhaps, in time, I'll learn for myself. Until then, I'll go on as an avid viewer of "Emeril Live" and "Molto Mario." At least Mario had the strength of character not to appear at the awards. Maybe he was too busy in the city monitoring his hundred or so restaurants.

So on a totally other note ... I seem to have engendered myself to the law school kids. They seem so much more my type than undergrads, who seem somewhat less than mature for my taste. Don't get me wrong; I know plenty of undergrads (most of them seniors who are leaving this year anyway ...) who challenge me intellectually. Still, these guys have it going on. They introduced me to the downtown lounge bars, like Al's. Nothing better than that place, let me tell you. They even serve bruchette after 11 p.m. Everyone's totally friendly there, and there's never any cover. The drinks are pretty sweet, too.

We're housing some accepted students until tomorrow morning. They came on Sunday and have been gorging themselves on campus life ever since, with their schedules full of activities geared toward acclimating them (in a sense) to life here at SU. The snow storm last night and during the day today probably gave them a very adequate foretaste of what things are really like here. Why, just this morning the bus I took to campus for my 9:30 a.m. class got stuck in the snow about five times before actually deciding not to attempt to go up the Slocum Heights hill any further and just get us to campus. By the afternoon, things were starting to melt, but I anticipate tomorrow will still be snowy, cold and dismal as ever before. Can't we be done with winter by now? Someone upstairs must hate me ... everyone knows how depressed winter makes me.

Well, time for some beauty rest. Tony -- if you're reading this -- we should go out sometime. We have a lot to talk about. I know this nice little place in Syracuse called Alto Cinco ... and you don't even need reservations.


At 8:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great stuff Liz. Your blog has impacted my life greatly.


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