Friday, June 08, 2007

... and then there were four

Lieven left us this morning, so now there're four roommates left in the house for the summer. It was sad to see him go. We got along, I thought. At least now the living room will be inhabitable, because Neel can move into Lieven's room.

There was a bit of a scare the other day when Lieven and Jen didn't come home one night after they went flying to Nantucket. Turns out the alternator on the plane wasn't working, so they had to land in Hyannis, Mass., and stay the night. The next morning, they finally got the plane to start, and took off back to Providence. Andrew and I were a bit worried, to say the least, but luckily, Jen showed up a couple minutes after I text-messaged her, and the potential crisis was averted.

As for work, designing is becoming easier and easier, and subsequently I've been receiving more and more pages. Tonight (Friday) is an easy night (as most are, I've heard), so I only have two pages to do, and they don't need to be worked on until later. One is a jump, or "throw" page, which gets done toward the end of the night after all the stories have been placed on the front page. The other is a "slop" page, which fills up space in Classifieds, so I only have a strip of two columns on which to place two stories and a standalone photo. (Sorry if this doesn't make much sense to you nonjournalists out there.) At any rate, designing constantly has given me room to grow exponentially in ability. Pages get done quicker each night, and each night they also look better and make me feel prouder to have made them. I'm really thankful for this internship: Copy editors these days need lots of design experience to get a good job, because more and more, as papers have to cut staff to save money, copy editors must serve as designers as well. Gaining this experience now will only benefit me later, when I begin searching for jobs.


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