Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back in Massachusetts ...

I took a field trip today to New Bedford, Mass., to see The Standard-Times building and bum around the town awhile. I didn't realize that Sundays were such dull days in Massachusetts. Practically everything (except a few restaurants) were closed that afternoon, including The Standard-Times itself -- from what I could see. Will my job be a Monday-to-Friday thing? That would be nice to have weekends off, but somehow I doubt that'll happen. It is copy-editing, after all.

So I walked around for a while and took in the scenery, if that's what you could call it. At least parking was free, and the drive there wasn't that bad. I got to traverse the bridge shown in Emeril's Food Network special about Fall River, Mass., where he's from, and where I pass right through on my way to work. From the looks of it, Fall River is a bit nicer (and larger) than New Bedford. I found the cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways quaint, and the wharf I saw was homey and typical New England fishing town, but something was lacking. People? Liveliness? Maybe tomorrow when I go to work things will be more on the up-and-up, and I'll learn to love New Bedford, even though I'll just be working there.

Perhaps it was the weather that left me hanging. This morning, I woke up to the sound of rain and small rumblings of thunder now and then. After a shower and coffee that had been left from when Lieven made it this morning (I assume), I began to prepare for my trip to New Bedford, and Lieven returned from a morning bike ride. He knocked on Jen's door covered in water. "You want to see a wet T-shirt contest?" he asked. "You better get up and see it quick!"

"I think you take first place in this contest, Lieven," I said, laughing, as he went off to take a shower. Luckily, the rain held off for the rest of the day, and there were even a few breaks of sunshine in New Bedford, but not enough to lift my spirits and fulfill my expectations of that quaint, sleepy little New England town I'd envisioned before my arrival. Where has the weather from this past weekend gone? Tomorrow is supposed to be even worse than today, with rain basically all day and temperatures around 65 degrees, as compared to the sunshine and 80-degree weather I'd enjoyed upon my arrival Friday.

At any rate, I snapped a quick photo of The Standard-Times building before heading back to Providence:

It isn't a very big building (not half as large as The Buffalo News), but I think that'll make things more social and interesting. I'm excited and a bit nervous to start work tomorrow. I'll leave around noon to make the 1 p.m. lunch time my editor and I had discussed. After that, a quick orientation and a bit of work on the copy desk, and an early night.

Another note: I'm working on the parking situation. The police still haven't questioned why I keep calling asking them not to ticket me when I leave my car on the street all night. I figure as long as they don't give me any crap, I'll keep calling until I find a more permanent solution. Tonight I searched Craigslist for parking spaces for rent nearby. I found three, two of which I've queried by e-mail. The third I'll probably call tomorrow or whenever I get a chance. I hope this can be resolved soon, so I don't have to keep bugging the cops.

And so, life in Providence goes on. I'm hoping I can get some time to take the bus to see Scott up in Boston. It's only about 50 miles away, after all, and I haven't really seen much of the city at all, except once when I was little and we went to see the gigantic aquarium there. I can't even remember why we went in the first place. We must have been passing through Massachusetts on the way to Maine or something. That's the only thing I can think of.

I can't wait for my first paycheck. Rent and an impending gas-tank fill-up are going to knock me lower than I'd like. Once I get a steady income and see money coming in again, I'll feel more at ease.


At 11:15 PM , Blogger Don M.F.H. said...

Indeed - Fall River, for the most part, is much cooler than New Beffid.


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