Saturday, June 02, 2007

Living it up in Providence, R.I.

After about eight hours of straight driving (stopping only once in a sketchy part of Jersey to get gas), I finally made it to Providence yesterday evening around 5:30. Traffic was horrible going through the City all the way to New Haven, Conn., but I got to traverse the George Washington Bridge, which was an experience. Traffic jams were copious yesterday, which I assume is normal for that area, especially considering the wonderful weather and the fact that it was Friday. It was a good trip, though. I'm realizing the more I travel that the more I love it. Going random places, seeing random things, meeting random people -- it's a new rush that almost beats cooking.

So at any rate, I arrived flushed and exhausted at my apartment. I was surprised to learn how truly close it is to downtown. The roommates are awesome -- after last night, I think we're going to get along wonderfully. I just met them, and already we seem to get along very well. Last night we went to Waterfire, a weekly event during the summer in Providence, where they light fires on the river, and little gondolas ferry people up and down. On the banks, they serve food and drinks. I should have brought my camera and uploaded some pictures, but since it happens every week, I'm sure there'll be more times I'll go.

I finally finished unpacking all my stuff today and went grocery shopping. A new subletter is coming in today, and I have to be here to let him in and show him around. There are two girls (including myself) and two guys on our floor of the house. I thought it would be weird living with/sharing a bathroom with guys, but so far it hasn't been bad. The girls' rooms are on one side of the apartment (my room being very close to the bathroom and kitchen -- a plus) and the guys' are on the other. One of the roommates is a painter, and his stuff is hanging up all over the apartment. It's amazing -- when I first saw it, I was baffled by the talent he has. It's also awesome to have modern art right there in the apartment hanging all over -- and the artist lives right here!

The other female roommate, Jen, told me that we're only about 15 minutes from the ocean. I'm so excited about that -- I'll definitely be taking some trips to the beach this summer -- whenever I get the chance. I suppose they don't call Rhode Island the Ocean State for nothing!

The only issue I have to deal with right now is parking. There's no overnight parking in Providence (at least in the area where I live), and we only have one parking space at the apartment, so Jen and I are trying to work out the logistics of where I could park without getting a ticket each night. Too bad I'll be working in New Bedford and have to commute; the male roommates don't have cars and take their bikes everywhere, which I actually admire. Of course, they need rides when they go grocery shopping and whatnot. Everything is within reach -- either walking or a quick drive, and it's all very accessible -- no crazy directions or anything.

I start work at The Standard-Times on Monday. I'm coming in early, because my boss wants to take me to lunch before my quick orientation. I might even get to meet the managing editor and possibly even the editor in chief, he said. I'm excited about the job. After orientation, I go straight to work for the 5 p.m.-to-midnight shift. It'll be good to have an income again -- all this traveling and shopping for groceries and other needed items has put me a little bit under. Tomorrow I'll have to pay my first month's rent as well.

I think that's about it. I'm excited to meet the new roommate and just bum around Providence. It's going to be one hell of a summer.


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