Monday, July 23, 2007

Out on a wire

My days as wire guru at The Standard-Times ended last Friday. I had been on wire duty for two weeks, while Kenny was on vacation. It was quite the experience and gave me a slight feeling of power, knowing I was making key decisions about what was going in the paper, what readers would look at (or, more likely, skip over) the next day. After a while, I noticed the design aspect of it was kind of limited, and got kind of bored as the same stories kept popping up and I lost inspiration as to how to tackle the page layout.

Still, I'm sure it'll serve me well in the future, having experience pulling wire, making decisions as to newsworthiness of stories and designing World & Nation, State & Region and Business pages. As it seems, I may be making a return to New Bedford sometime after graduation ...

It's so hard to believe there're only about three more weeks left of my internship. Ten weeks just aren't enough, I think. Still, I also get the feeling that I don't need to learn anything else from a classroom. I wish I could bypass my senior year and just get a degree and start work. I feel like I have everything I need, with three years in Newhouse and two amazing internships, one a Dow Jones internship, which last year I'd only dreamed of landing.

I look back at all the things I've accomplished in the past three years, and I find it hard to believe that before then, I didn't even konw what AP Style was, much less how to structure/write a news story. I had never heard of Rupert Murdoch, Dow Jones and had only read a scant few issues of The New York Times.

I wonder how all these things happen. And why to me, anyway? I don't consider myself anyone special or any more talented than the next guy. And yet here I am, "and I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid, little life." (Lester Burnham, "American Beauty")


At 10:19 PM , Anonymous Kai said...

Wow, sounds like you have quite the career ahead of you! Never had an internship before... Wouldn't have been all that bad on the old resume! And two is even insaner! Looks like you've been having a good summer... I miss Faegans...


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