Thursday, November 22, 2007

'Tis the season ...

Well, at last you're getting an update during the one time I (think I) have time to do it: a holiday break, in this case, Thanksgiving.

Darren's with us this year. He made the trip to Herkimer the same day I did (Tuesday), and we all (minus my brother) drove out to Buffalo to Nana's. The reason I do love coming here is because it's a nonstop cook- and eatfest, a welcome distraction from the mounds of transcribing, writing and reading I still have to do for class. The semester is wrapping up, and there's so much to get done. My brain is constantly fighting with me, pushing me toward other distractions so strongly I have no choice but to give in. I could only spend about 20 minutes today transcribing before I giving up in frustration at how tedious it is. This weekend I have to start writing, and I need to start showing some results, but I can't when I'm constantly urging myself away from such work. Let's face it: I wasn't cut out to write magazine feature articles.

I shouldn't have to do work on Thanksgiving day anyway, right? It's the one day I get to rest and enjoy a good meal with my family. But if I don't do anything today, I'll be too far behind, right?

I hate schoolwork. At this point it seems so pointless and stupid, just busywork to occupy my every moment until my fingers bleed and my brain explodes. So here's to holiday breaks, sharing a good bottle of wine, a bounty of food, and entertaining stories around the family table. Happy Thanksgiving, kids.