Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dashing through the snow

It's so relieving not to have nonstop work. Finally rest has come to the weary, and I find myself home still in the first week of winter break. I never realized how relaxing it can be just sitting in front of the TV all day watching Food Network, baking Christmas cookies and coffee cakes, and cooking for my parents in the evening.

Last weekend, I went to SouthCoast to visit Darren. We exchanged Christmas gifts, attended his company's holiday party at the Westin in Providence, and went to Dave & Busters and played video games, which I'd never done before. Sunday night, I made another pilgrimage to The Standard-Times to see the old (Sunday-night skeleton) crew. We even (finally) found Autocrat coffee syrup -- at the Providence Wal-Mart, no less -- and when I got home, I finally made Rhode Island's official drink, coffee milk, for the first time. You gotta give it to my beloved Rhode Islanders: They sure know how to choose their official state drinks! Apparently, it used to be Del's Lemonade, which I also got to sample while living in Providence last summer. Of course, it's taste and texture is worlds different from coffee milk, but it's equally good!

Speaking of that lovely capital city, I saw its namesake TV show yesterday on the digital cable Lifetime channel. Apparently it's on every day at 3 p.m. I hadn't seen it before until now, and on top of the entertaining premise, characters, and plot situations, I loved the shots they showed of various parts of Providence I frequented on my daily walks around the city, especially downtown. The Providence Place mall hadn't been built at the time the show was on the air, but views of the State House and other places I'd seen in passing made me long for the city once more, even though I'd spent practically all this past weekend there. As Kyle says to Syd on the show: "Me, uh, I never left Providence. Never ... really wanted to." Syd's reply? "Trust me: The outside world is overrated."


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