Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We are the ever-living ghost of what once was

First week back: Couldn't ask for smoother. It was good to get back into a routine that doesn't so closely involve television, and my classes this semster are (so far) engaging and not too stressful. Magazine editing is great, because a lot of it revolves around design, which was all I did last summer at The Standard-Times. My other courses, most of them electives, are easier and more interesting than some of the other classes I had to take as requirements (article-writing, anyone?). The weather may not be at its best, but the atmosphere is positive and much more calm.

I'm also enjoying my work schedule, which fits perfectly around classes and still allows me some free time and enough hours to make roughly $70 a week. Yeah, it isn't much, but that's Work Study for you. It's enough for me to get by on campus.

Darren visited last weekend, and we went to the party on Friday. We left early, even though we felt bad leaving Heather, but she told us to just go. Apparently, she didn't leave long after us. It was super-crowded, with hardly any room to move and lots of yelling. I know, that's what a party's supposed to be like, but for me, it was too much. I guess I'm growing out of all that college stuff I used to look forward to each weekend as a freshman and sophomore -- even as a junior. Darren and I visited an Asian market, purportedly the largest of its kind in Central New York. I made him pork adobo, a traditional Filipino dish, which he said came out just like it should! I was excited, knowing I can make the dishes of the culture my boyfriend comes from. I love learning more from him about those things.

Sunday, Heather and I went to Chuck's to meet up with some friends for a couple drinks and to catch the end of the Giants/Packers game. It was a good time, with much cheering and many pitchers of beer over a game of Kings. The walk back home in the cold and snow was pretty brutal, and I'm surprised we actually made it to the bus stop without freezing to the sidewalk, but somehow, we were successful.

A story about how I make it on campus as a vegetarian in Thursday's Daily Orange? It'll be interesting to see my byline in that paper again. It sure has been awhile ...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'Hurdy-gurdy,' he sang

Monday was my last first day of a semester. It was a busy one, to say the least. I found out I work that morning at Goldstein, just like last semester. I actually enjoy those kinds of shifts. It gives me a good opportunity to ease into the morning and also get some work done that I may not have done before. I can read the paper, do some crosswords, drink coffee and maybe answer people's questions in the meantime.

The rest of the week seems like a breeze. I work Tuesday afternoon after classes, but that's also a Goldstein shift, and a rather quiet one at that. Today I have three classes from 12:45 to 5:05 p.m. straight, but afterward there's plenty of time to come home, eat and finish any work I may have to do. It's kind of odd, actually, getting up early out of habit and easing into the day before my first class. I can actually eat lunch at home instead of packing it and bringing it. Most professors don't want you eating in their classes, anyway, which is kind of bad for me, because most of my classes fall during lunchtime, and I don't have any breaks in between to catch a quick bite.

One of my classes, a music appreciation class, only requires me to attend lecture once a week, the rest of the work being completed on my own time in the library's media center. I've never had a class like that before, and though work for my Newhouse classes won't require any major out-of-class work, like extensive interviews or research, this affords me plenty of "me" time, which I think I need these days.

I realize I've been focusing a lot on myself lately, and as a college student finishing up her last year and awaiting a major life change, how couldn't I? It's come to my attention, however, that in doing so, I've shut out a lot of people whom I consider most important in my life. It's time to change all that, but I'm not exactly sure how.

Party this Friday at one of Heather's friend's off-campus houses with a Skittles theme? Darren coming this weekend to visit? Should be a great (and most likely interesting) weekend.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to the daily grind

It's somewhat disturbing that a week before classes even begin for my last semester of college *ever*, I get a homework assignment. Foreshadowing for the alleged rigorousness of Com Law? I'm willing to bet it is.

And yet I'm still not ready to go back. In fact, I'd be more than happy to continue my happy bored bliss at home, with its lazy routine: wake up around 9 a.m., have coffee/watch CNN/read The New York Times and The Washington Post online, read food blogs, do online crosswords, catch "The View" at 11, eat lunch, shower, walk the dog, catch "Rachael Ray" at 2 p.m. (yeah, I like her about as much as Anthony Bourdain does, but it's like a train wreck: I just can't help but watch), "Providence" at 3, prepare dinner for my parents, eat around 5 or 5:30, TV and finding stuff to bake for the rest of the night, with a couple drinks as a nightcap. Of course, this schedule varies now and then, depending on other events that may arise. My schedule for the spring semester may not be that hectic, but I'm sure it'll fill up once I figure work shifts and What the Health meetings into the mix.

Still, I must say I am anxious to start work again. I get a strange sense of pleasure out of info-desking and scheduling. I'm proud of the office I work under: Though I'm often given the opportunity to find fault with various other offices at Syracuse University, this is one that I can honestly say sticks to its guns and shows good reasoning behind the decisions it makes. It's also very open to criticism and feedback from those who utilize its services. It's very open-minded, diverse and friendly as well.

In this last week, I found out it won't be possible for Dennis' planned visit from overseas. I was hoping he'd be able to spend more than a week here, anyway, so I guess it's good that he plans on coming later; however, the circumstances that blocked his coming are extremely unfortunate: His mom had two heart attacks last week and (last I heard) is in intensive care in the hospital. Dennis called me on my way back from Darren's last Sunday to deliver the news. He said she appears stable but is still at the hospital for monitoring. I was very shocked and dismayed to hear this news. Mrs. Hartwich was like a mother to me when I was an exchange student five years ago. I spent more time at that house and with that family than I did with some of my own host families. I really hope she'll be OK. I want to be able to visit her and the family for many years to come.