Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to the daily grind

It's somewhat disturbing that a week before classes even begin for my last semester of college *ever*, I get a homework assignment. Foreshadowing for the alleged rigorousness of Com Law? I'm willing to bet it is.

And yet I'm still not ready to go back. In fact, I'd be more than happy to continue my happy bored bliss at home, with its lazy routine: wake up around 9 a.m., have coffee/watch CNN/read The New York Times and The Washington Post online, read food blogs, do online crosswords, catch "The View" at 11, eat lunch, shower, walk the dog, catch "Rachael Ray" at 2 p.m. (yeah, I like her about as much as Anthony Bourdain does, but it's like a train wreck: I just can't help but watch), "Providence" at 3, prepare dinner for my parents, eat around 5 or 5:30, TV and finding stuff to bake for the rest of the night, with a couple drinks as a nightcap. Of course, this schedule varies now and then, depending on other events that may arise. My schedule for the spring semester may not be that hectic, but I'm sure it'll fill up once I figure work shifts and What the Health meetings into the mix.

Still, I must say I am anxious to start work again. I get a strange sense of pleasure out of info-desking and scheduling. I'm proud of the office I work under: Though I'm often given the opportunity to find fault with various other offices at Syracuse University, this is one that I can honestly say sticks to its guns and shows good reasoning behind the decisions it makes. It's also very open to criticism and feedback from those who utilize its services. It's very open-minded, diverse and friendly as well.

In this last week, I found out it won't be possible for Dennis' planned visit from overseas. I was hoping he'd be able to spend more than a week here, anyway, so I guess it's good that he plans on coming later; however, the circumstances that blocked his coming are extremely unfortunate: His mom had two heart attacks last week and (last I heard) is in intensive care in the hospital. Dennis called me on my way back from Darren's last Sunday to deliver the news. He said she appears stable but is still at the hospital for monitoring. I was very shocked and dismayed to hear this news. Mrs. Hartwich was like a mother to me when I was an exchange student five years ago. I spent more time at that house and with that family than I did with some of my own host families. I really hope she'll be OK. I want to be able to visit her and the family for many years to come.


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