Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'Hurdy-gurdy,' he sang

Monday was my last first day of a semester. It was a busy one, to say the least. I found out I work that morning at Goldstein, just like last semester. I actually enjoy those kinds of shifts. It gives me a good opportunity to ease into the morning and also get some work done that I may not have done before. I can read the paper, do some crosswords, drink coffee and maybe answer people's questions in the meantime.

The rest of the week seems like a breeze. I work Tuesday afternoon after classes, but that's also a Goldstein shift, and a rather quiet one at that. Today I have three classes from 12:45 to 5:05 p.m. straight, but afterward there's plenty of time to come home, eat and finish any work I may have to do. It's kind of odd, actually, getting up early out of habit and easing into the day before my first class. I can actually eat lunch at home instead of packing it and bringing it. Most professors don't want you eating in their classes, anyway, which is kind of bad for me, because most of my classes fall during lunchtime, and I don't have any breaks in between to catch a quick bite.

One of my classes, a music appreciation class, only requires me to attend lecture once a week, the rest of the work being completed on my own time in the library's media center. I've never had a class like that before, and though work for my Newhouse classes won't require any major out-of-class work, like extensive interviews or research, this affords me plenty of "me" time, which I think I need these days.

I realize I've been focusing a lot on myself lately, and as a college student finishing up her last year and awaiting a major life change, how couldn't I? It's come to my attention, however, that in doing so, I've shut out a lot of people whom I consider most important in my life. It's time to change all that, but I'm not exactly sure how.

Party this Friday at one of Heather's friend's off-campus houses with a Skittles theme? Darren coming this weekend to visit? Should be a great (and most likely interesting) weekend.


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