Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The primary buzz

Heather and I have the primary itch, it seems. We've been tuning in to CNN pretty much every time some state votes, and we practically went insane on Super Tuesday. Both Obama fans, we've caught every speech and watched closely as each precinct reported its results for the Democratic candidates. We don't pay too much attention to the Republicans, but we do give them enough mention to make fun of them.

We've even started a CNN "Wall of Shame" and a shrine to our favorite (male) anchors (Anderson Cooper, Rob Marciano and T.J. Holmes, of course). On the Wall of Shame hang ridicularious (remember that word I made up? The combination of ridiculous and hilarity?) quotes from pundits, anchors and even one from Sen. Obama himself.

Which brings me to a type of quandary I've found myself mulling over this past day. One of the pundits we tacked onto the Wall of Shame, a one Ms. Donna Brazile, is quoted as saying, "Barack Obama is no longer just getting the latte-drinking Starbucks kind. Now he's also getting the Dunkin Donuts kind." In many of Obama's speeches, he mentions "the teacher working a second job at a doughnut shop just to make ends meet." (Previously, he'd actually said "Dunkin Donuts" instead of "doughnut shop.")

And today, I see on one of the food blogs I read, Endless Simmer, that Obama was spotted at a Dunkin Donuts in the author's home city (Washington, D.C., I assume?):
Major celebrity sighting this morning at the Dunkin Donuts on 8th St. SE, as an intrepid [Endless Simmer] fan saw Barack H. Obama himself ordering his own coffee! Trying to expand his base maybe?
Coincidence? Or conspiracy?!

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