Thursday, March 06, 2008

One giant leap for the German gastronomic world

I missed Wednesday's New York Times, much to my chagrin. There was just way too much to get done that day! What with classes, practice with Obamarama for our stellar performance at Funk 'n' Waffles "Showcase Wednesday" last night and yes, even a little homework, I had zip time to read the paper. That disappointed me, being as I enjoy most of all the Times' Wednesday issue, because that's when the Dining & Wine section comes out. I did, however, check it out online, and found this interesting article by Carter Dougherty on the German food world.

It seems Germany has made impressive leaps this year, gaining three more restaurants with three Michelin stars (the highest ranking) after the German Michelin Guide appeared last November. That takes the count up to nine three-star Michelin restaurants in Germany, more than any European country except France. This has threatened the people I'm ethnically closest to: the Italians.

The article suggests they have no real reason to get up in arms -- at least for the time being.
If the French had any reaction to the German advance, it was apparently a collective shrug. With 28 three-star eateries, France has little reason to feel threatened by a Teutonic wave of haute cuisine. But Italians, for whom quality pasta and the perfect espresso are parts of daily life, can take heart. Only a small slice of German society, it turns out, has either the desire or the wherewithal to enjoy truly good food.
("Fine Dining Takes Small but Stellar Strides in Germany" by Carter Dougherty, The New York Times 6/5/08)
Sure, I'd have liked to see a bigger, more disgruntled French reaction, but I guess it'll have to wait.

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