Friday, July 25, 2008

More "real world" observation

I now schedule my life from month to month, whereas at school it was week to week. Projects, interviews, papers, tests all got mapped out on my calendar by week. My mindset was stuck in this format: This week I do this, next week I do that, etcetera.

Because most of my bills appear once a month, I plan my life that way post-graduation. Paydays are this and this day, twice a month, and these bills are due on these days this month. I budget both my time and money from month to month: I'll have time on this day for this; I'll have enough money to pay off this bill by this date this month. If I'd kept my week-to-week attitude, I think I may be unemployed, poor and alone. It may not seem like that, but I believe -- in a worst-case scenario sense -- it could have ended up like that.


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