Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A walk in the park

The weekend before last, Darren and I went to Merrymount Park in Quincy to relax, enjoy the weather, play some mancala and eat a small picnic lunch. We took "Esmerelda," Darren's motorcycle. We avoided the highway and took town roads, since Darren at that time had no experience riding on the highways, much less with a passenger.

A random, funny, exciting thing happened as we'd parked the bike in one of the park's parking lots and started on our way down the short-but-scenic trail to the bay area, where they had a little canoe/kayak/sailboat rental shack. Anyway, as we started on the trail, a woman in a car pulled up beside us. "Hi," she said. "Can I ask you a small favor?" Darren and I looked at each other quizzically, but nodded at her. "Is that your bike over there?" Darren mumbled an affirmation. "My name is Barbara," she clarified, "and I'm taking a photography class. Do you think I could take a couple shots of you guys and the bike?" Again, quizzical looks, but eventually we smiled and accepted her offer, climbed on the bike, got in close for a couple poses, and she shot away. At the end, Darren gave her his e-mail address so she could send him the finished products. It was a spur-of-the-moment, fun memory captured eternally in digital 1's and 0's. For your viewing pleasure, here are the photos, courtesy of Barbara (if I knew her last name, I'd mention it for ownership purposes).

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