Friday, September 05, 2008

I've never been so alone, and I've never been so alive

Another work week has run its course. Most of the staff (at least the beer-drinking part) is out of the office today, so it's been pretty slow, and I'm not even sure there'll be Happy Hour this week. No matter: I was going to skip it anyway to go home at the regular time to hit the gym with Darren, and I don't need all those unhealthy, fattening, carb-loaded snacks anyway. Besides, getting healthy and hanging out with Darren seems like a much more fun prospect. Not that I don't enjoy schmoozing with my coworkers after hours: I'd rather get a good workout in and relax to bring in this weekend. Besides, I don't feel so bad about my Fridays when I go to the gym and work off the stress of the week.

And this weekend should prove to be one of relaxation. We're not going anywhere in particular (though we both agree we'd love to see my parents again like last weekend -- Mom said they will be at camp until Sunday evening) except the Boston Haymarket. We also hope to scour the suburbs for yard sales (or "yahd sales" as they say here) where we might find a cheap shelflike structure for our kitchen to put our appliances and save counter space. Our joint grocery account is growing slim, and we're in dire need of produce, so the Haymarket is the perfect place to go. Last time, we came away with pounds and pounds of fruits and vegetables for only $7! It all lasted about a week and a half. I'll bet that's because most of it is local produce and doesn't have to travel long distances to its final destination.

Darren and I are so alike: We took a day off from the gym yesterday to visit Savers to look for the shelf (unfortunately without success). As we drove there in my car, he mentioned how he didn't use to feel bad about taking a day off at the gym now and then, especially if he had done a full workout the day before. Now, he said, he feels bad if he misses even one day. I felt exactly the same way, only I couldn't find a way to express it until he said it. It's like we're on exactly the same wavelength all the time.

A trip to the FedEx down the street and I'm golden for the weekend. I intend on munching on some pita chips, working out at the gym, cooking/eating a delightful (albeit late) dinner, and hanging out with Darren, whatever that entails. Fall's approaching -- my favorite time of year! -- and so far I'm loving every minute of it.

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